No matter whether you only want to take a short break or are planning a big excursion – the Rüdesheim cable car is a perfect starting point and a relaxing experience. Go on unforgettable excursions around the Niederwald monument, explore the roots of Rhine romanticism. Nature and the landscape will work their magic on you.

Because there is so much to discover around Rüdesheim: castles and monasteries, monuments and landmarks, vineyards, wine tasting events and hikes – and of course the Rheingau way of life. Our Rüdesheim cable car connects them all, bringing you closer to beautiful countryside and the most important sights. For instance, you will go home with a lasting memory of your trip from Rüdesheim to the Niederwald temple and Germania and back down again with the chairlift to Assmanshausen, a local red-wine-growing village.

Give it a try. All aboard and enjoy a wonderful ride!


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Each of our cabins is suitable for transporting wheelchairs and walker-rollators. Unfortunately, our bottom station is not yet fully accessible for people with impairments. There are 2 steps up to the forecourt.Use our Lift to access rides going up. Our top station, on the other hand, is fully accessible and can be easily reached by car (please book in advance so that we can reserve a parking space for you).
We can transport prams. Your child rides with you and we load the pram into the cabin following you. The transport of children under 5 years and prams is free of charge.
Coming from Koblenz or Wiesbaden, take the B42 along the Rhine towards Rüdesheim. In Rüdesheim follow the visitor guidance system (No. 301). A large parking lot is available about 500 metres away.

You can find information on Deutsche Bahn train timetables at www.bahn.de. The railway station and the jetties for the Bingen-Rüdesheimer passenger boats are located within walking distance.
There are large bus parking lots approx. 200 metres from the bottom station and 50 metres from the top station.
“Even if you arrive with a larger group, you don’t need to make a reservation. There are rarely long waiting times, even when big groups turn up.
Group tickets can be ordered directly at the ticket office, payment can be made in cash or by card. If you need an invoice for your company, please inform us in advance via email.
The group tickets can be separated so that each group member can travel individually.
Bonus: You get a free ticket for every 20 paying passengers!”
We are happy to transport dogs of all breeds and sizes travelling with you in the cable car at no extra charge.
In the event of strong wind or thunderstorms we will temporarily stop operating for your safety.
Unfortunately our bottom station is not fully accessible for people with impairments. There are 2 steps up to the forecourt.
Our station at the top, on the other hand, is fully accessible.
All aboard together! Our cabins offer space for 2 adults and 2 children. Transporting of prams is possible.
If you’re in a hurry, buy your tickets at the vending machine on the forecourt and then sprint past the line of people waiting at the ticket desk.
Season tickets are available for guests who are really into hovering above the vines. Unlimited use of the cable car all season!

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