Romantic Tour

from 5:00 h
An exciting, long tour with a boat ride and castle visit

Start in Rüdesheim between 9:30 and 12:00 Hours and ride up to the Niederwald monument with the cable car

10 Min.

Visit the Niederwald monument and enjoy the beautiful view or take a break at the nearby restaurant facilities.

20 Min.

Walk to the chairlift which will take you about an hour. Along the way you can discover and visit many other sights:

1 The Rossel ruin: an old castle ruin, built in 1174 by Count Ostein

Popular because of its magnificent view of the Nahe estuary.

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2 The “Zauberhöhle” or magic cave: a walled tunnel, magically decorated with glittering glass stones

Please note the opening hours from Good Friday to November.

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3 Game enclosures: ideal for feeding and observing deer all year round

45 Min.

Take the chairlift back down to Assmannshausen, a local red wine-growing village with plenty of spots to stop for refreshments. From there you walk to pier 2 on the Rhine.

25 Min.

This Rössler line boat leaves daily at 2.15 pm at bridge 2 in Assmannshausen for Trechtingshausen.

10 Min.

Here you climb the steep footpath to Rheinstein Castle in about 10 minutes, where you can visit the castle’s fully furnished interiors.

90 Min.

Back to Trechtingshausen, where the boat back to Rüdesheim leaves at 4.15 pm, taking about 40 minutes and passing the Mäuseturm toll tower through the Binger Loch. The tour ends here at about 5 pm.

60 Min.


Adults€ 22.00
Children 5–15 years€ 11.00
Group from 20 persons€ 20.00
School classes aged up to 18 years€ 10.00