Ring Tour

from 2:30 h
An impressive round trip with a hike and boat ride duration 3-4 hours latest stat in Ruedesheim at 15:00 hours

proof the operation hours of the Ships and the Chairlift. Start in in time Rüdesheim and ride up to the Niederwald monument in a cable car

15 Min.

Visit the Niederwald monument and enjoy the beautiful view or take a break at the nearby restaurant facilities.

30 Min.

Walk to the chairlift which will take you about an hour. Along the way you can discover and visit many other sights:

1 The Rossel ruin: an old castle ruin, built in 1174 by Count Ostein

Popular because of its magnificent view of the Nahe estuary.

More info: kulturland-rheingau.de

2 The “Zauberhöhle” or magic cave: a walled tunnel, magically decorated with glittering glass stones

Please note the opening hours from Good Friday to November.

More info: rheingau.de

3 Game enclosures: ideal for feeding and observing deer all year round

60 Min.

Take the chairlift back down to Assmannshausen, a local red wine-growing village with many spots to stop for refreshments. From there you walk to pier 3 on the Rhine.

30 Min.

There you take the Bingen-Rüdesheimer boat past the old Mäuseturm toll tower through the Binger Loch back to Rüdesheim. If you choose to disembark in Bingen, your journey time is reduced by approx. 5 – 10 minutes.

More information at: www.bingen-ruedesheimer.de

Alternatively, you can start the Ring Tour by taking the boat to Assmannshausen (journey time then only approx. 25 minutes). Boat from pier 8 in Rüdesheim.

Please note that the departure times of the ships may be delayed by up to 30-60 minutes due to the water level.

50 Min.


Adults€ 20.00
Children 5–15 years€ 10.00
Groups from 20 persons€ 19.00
School classes aged up to 18 years€ 9.50